Performance Review – Victorian Halls @ The Beat Kitchen

Victorian Halls resides in Chicago, Illinois, and what better a venue than The Beat Kitchen for them to start off their east coast tour. This band had one of the most energetic stage shows that I’ve ever seen! Their keyboard player Carlos Luna went absolutely nuts. At one point he ran to the side of the stage, jumped in the air, kicked off the wall and did a 360… WTF?! The fans were into every moment of it including me. I had never seen them live before and had only even heard of them for a few short days. Their lead singer and guitarist Sean Lenart has such a unique voice, and with their backup unclean vocals from bassist Jordan Dismuke and keyboardist Carlos, it puts together a blend of pop, indie, and rock to make up what they call “Noise-core”.

My favorite song performed was “A Crush is a Crush”. The bass from the keyboard and samples was amazing! And when I say keyboard, I’m not talking about a normal Piano sound. The exact opposite actually. It almost has a techno/electronica sound to it. And almost every song has a different keyboard sample. Energetic to say the least. Another thing I noticed that was unique about this band, was that they never really talked much during their performance. Sean told a quick story about something that had happened on their way to the show but other than that there was nothing much more said. Just insanity amongst the band and crowd!

While at the show, I couldn’t help but notice the bands outfit. They were all wearing white t-shirts with blood stains on them. Their drummer, Mike Tomala, had blood around his neck, dripping down onto his chest. I love seeing bands like this! For them to actually have stage props and outfits makes a show much more enjoyable for me. Let’s be real, you almost never see smaller bands really get into their live shows. That’s exactly what Victorian Halls did. You could tell that they all were very into their music and were loving the crowd dancing around, singing along to all their songs. Next time I see that these guys are playing in Chicago, you bet your ass I’ll be there!

Check out the links below to find out more about Victorian Halls and listen to their music!!/victorianhalls

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