Artist Review-“Unvisioned”

Hey guys! For any of you that have been listening to the TOG podcasts for more than a few months, you probably remember these guys!  Unvisioned!!!  I met these guys the same day that Justin and John did, an awesome group of guys, and ever since I haven’t heard much from their band.  The other day though, they made a post on Facebook to advertise their new CD and it was only $5, now I’m about to buy this CD because it is absolutely f**king amazing!  I normally don’t swear in my blogs but after listening to this album I must!  It’s the only way to truly express how good this album is and the band Unvisioned!  So lets get into this blog you guys, this is the artist review for Unvisioned.

Now I haven’t heard much of Unvisioned’s previous CD’s, but from what I do remember it reminded me so much of Slipknot, and at the same time it felt like it was entirely original.  The style of drums is different from any band that I’ve ever heard, with very technical handwork, to fast feet on the bass, and also back to the basic kind of handwork and foot work.  The guitars go for the same, it becomes very complicated for some parts of songs, but in other parts it’s more simple but still sounds heavy and good.  What makes Unvisioned the band that it is though, is their lead singer.  With his long notes of screaming, and such a well sounding scream it makes their music sound so powerful.  Right now I’m listening to the second track of their new CD (Which is called New Machine) the song is called Paint You A Smile….this song makes me want to go insane right now, go into a mosh pit, and hit the biggest guy in there.

Now onto the emotion of this bands music.  Being that it is Heavy Metal, it will make you energized, hyped up, and make you want to break something, but Unvisioned has done that to a whole new level.  I haven’t listened to a band like this in a long time that has made me want to go to a metal show so bad just to be in a mosh pit to release some steam.  Their music just gets your so hyped up, and they seem to do it so easily.  So if your ever in a bad mood, pissed off, sad, feel like punching someone, or just want to rock out heavy, listen to this band!

Another thing about Unvisioned, there shows aren’t just your regular, “oh lets go see this band live”…no Unvisioned is a band that you go see and actually have a good time.  To make it even better, it doesn’t end there.  Unvisioned is known for having badass parties with their fans or also known as UMF!  The Unvisioned Metal Family! Just a group of people who all like the same kind of music, and more significantly, the same band.

So if your the kind of person who wants your night to end late night, or early morning, like good metal music, and like concerts, then Unvisioned is your kind of band!!! Go check them out

So you guys I am out, this is my artist review, and I plan on doing more.  If there is any music you’d like me to write a review on, send me an email and I’ll look them up and write a review!

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  • Anthony
    Posted at 14:07h, 07 September Reply

    I was introduced to Unvisioned earlier this year. I met Enrique ( the lead singer) for the first time at a party and had a fuckin blast! Ever since then I have been followin them anywhere I have a chance to get to and buyin up all their merch! These guy sare so sick and awesome as hell to party with! UMF for life!

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