RIP Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

If you’re between the ages of 18-30, you can probably appreciate what the Apple company has done for the way we live. Some people would say the word “live” would be too exaggerating, but I don’t think so. With their first major product that caught the attention of millions, it allowed them to make their mark globally, and also at a cheap price. To make things better, it was a product that was 100% mobile and could hold a lot of storage. I am of course talking about the iPod. At first, the iPod wasn’t the hit of the millennium, but only a year or so later everyone wanted one. Steve Jobs marketed the iPod as if it were the cure for cancer, with a commercial every so many minutes, and it was a very memorable commercial. You know the commercial with the person lip syncing the song, while they were blackened in, the headphone cords white, and the iPod standing out as well…oh and also the background colors always changed…oh now you remember!

It was because of Steve Jobs strategy of marketing, it allowed them to innovate a new kind of technology, and reinvent Apple into what it is today. Although Steve Jobs may have not come up with the concept of the iPod, he was the one who saw it as a life changing material for people.

In 2006 Apple went back to it’s roots and reinvented the company to be more significant to the people. They had already put video onto a handheld device, with the video iPod only a year previous to their big 2006 announcement, and they were hyping up what Apple would soon become most recognized for, for years to come. The Macbook!

Although the first versions of the MacBook weren’t the greatest, it was still a significant piece to the new generation of Apple. Apple had become more than making great media devices, but they had come out with a laptop that would soon become the most wanted computer by millions of people around the world. Again, it is because of Steve Jobs…he saw an opportunity and he made it into something more than anyone could ever think of.

The MacBook we know today (even the MacBook Pro) is probably the most iconic computer system today. This would not have happened unless it were for Steve Jobs. Think about when you go into a cafe or some kind, one that has many customers that bring in computers during their drink…when you see someone with a MacBook, you think to yourself “Wish I had one”.

In 2007 Steve Jobs made his most important announcement of his career. He waited more than 2 years for the day of January 9, 2007. With excitement building up, no one had any idea what he was preparing to say. The only thought was a device that would have a phone inside, and somehow change the way we live forever. The iPhone.

The iPhone has sold over 100 million units in only 4.5 years, and with the most recent announcement it will only bring more. The iPhone has truly changed the way we live, and the basic ideas of the iPhone will only change it more. While bringing unlimited information at the touch of a small device, the iPhone has opened up a new portal for lack of a better word. In this, it has made a way for people to be as creative as they want to change the way we do things…I am of course talking about the App store. It’s also opened up jobs for people who want to work on original material. It’s done so much in only a few years, and it’s only going to do more. If it weren’t for Steve Jobs…we wouldn’t have a lot of what we have today in our phones, let alone many other things we now use daily.

Steve Jobs, you are a man of intelligence that has changed the world. You brought media to us in a simplistic way, you brought fast computing to us in a way that is recognizable by most people, you also brought the best Tablet known to man, even after 2 years, Google can’t top it, and to make it even better it was in a very stylish way. You made Apple products more than significant, but rather iconic. You innovated a company that was barely known, into one of the most known companies in the USA, and highly known throughout the rest of the world. RIP Steve Jobs, I know your rocking out to your iPhone, while using a MacBook next to the Lord while he does the same thing.

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