Post Trauma Band Review

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Last week I found this great band called Post Trauma. Listening to the music they have produced, I can say that I really like it. It gives off a really good acoustic feel that makes you want to get up and dance! Incorporating different styles of music into their music, they have created many great tracks. Their first half of a double album “sleepless” is available to listen to on iTunes, Spotify, and their website

I personally really like their music because the lyrics are pretty meaningful. I also like the style they have that differs from music you hear on the radio today. It has that old school rock feel but the new age sounds in their just as much. I could easily listen to their album all the way through no stopping.

Post Trauma’s website is full of useful information. Including dates, bio, music, and other informative info. Billy Ulrich of the band posted this “In March of 2011 I made a conscious decision to irreversibly change my life. I decided it was no longer acceptable to live without writing songs, and that it was equally unacceptable to write songs without sharing them with the world at large.” This shows much dedication to his music. I believe that post trauma will be on the radio one day if they continue to put music like they have been out!

You can visit them and learn more for yourselves by going to their website @ Visit their Facebook page @ Check out their twitter @ or their YouTube page @

– ‘Sleepless’ is the first half of a double album
– Post Trauma is a Jagermesiter Sponsored Artist

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