#34 Jon Lewchenko – Down With The Cause – Briar Rabbit

This week we had the pleasure of speaking with Jon Lewchenko. You may remember our last conversation with Jon from a few months ago… If not you can find it HERE

In just the last few months Jon has managed to further his musical career by joining Briar Rabbit, continue with his college education, start a scooter revolution, and pour the foundation for his charity Down With The Cause.

I don’t know about you but we think Jon’s stash of coffee and 5 hour energy bottles must be HUGE!Take a listen and hear some music and the sweet acoustical perfection that is Jon Lewchenko’s voice.


Jon Lewchenko


Down With The Cause

Briar Rabbit

 Editor’s Note: Since the recording of this episode, Jon Lewchenko has left the band Briar Rabbit (8/29/2011).


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