DJ Rap Releases “Satisfied”

“Never in a million years is my mother going to understand this video is ‘Art’.” – DJ RAP

The “Queen of the Turntables,” DJ RAP, has released her latest track titled ‘Satisfied’. The song is featured in a trilogy of videos, each focusing on different elements of the EDM genre.

The 2nd and 3rd Installment of the video trilogy, due out in the upcoming last weeks of January, will add onto DJ Rap’s and Moreno’s vision of visually representing a different mix of the song, with the shock and awe of non-conformity to customary music video offerings by female artists.

“The idea of producing three different videos came from the fact that as I am also a producer/songwriter and DJ,” states DJ Rap, “I multi produce, crossing through every genre and wanted to showcase the many sides of EDM.”

“I first heard about director Steven Moreno through his MMA films with Six Digits Productions” states DJ Rap. “We both met and totally felt on the same page about creating something that was beautifully shot and would be the visual representation of the song. At the same time however, I wanted something that would go viral and have many eyes on it, so when he suggested the treatment I was hooked. As an Actor it was an amazing experience to play these diverse characters as well as be myself in all of them.”



Charissa Saverio, a.k.a. DJ RAP, has been the undisputed queen of the turntables and voted the number one female DJ in the world! DJ Rap has infiltrated the music industry with her arsenal of talent. She has established herself as the CEO of her labels: Propa and Impropa Talent, developed her creative direction as a full-fledged producer, and remains to be the recording artist and DJ that everyone has come to love and love dance to! She is also a classically trained pianist and songwriter, amongst many other talents! Rap has dominated such genres as house and drum & bass. However, her love for music has taken her through many reflections of genres and musical experiences. Ultimately, millions in a global capacity have embraced her and her music.

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