A Day To Remember, Artist Review

Hey guys, Matt here with This Ordinary Guy, and today I have a treat for you metal and hardcore fans!

In about 16 hours I will be leaving on my epic journey to see one of my favorite bands live, who I like to call ADTR (A Day To Remember).  I have been following this band since my good friend Matt introduced me to them almost 4 years ago.  Their music comes with such a variety, rather you want to listen to music to make you feel calm, or music to make you want to destroy someones face, ADTR is the prefect band for you then.  With fast pace metal songs, screaming hardcore songs, or the slow vocal and acoustic sound, ADTR is a band I can listen to all day, everyday until the day I die.

Lets start off with why A Day To Remember is such a good band.  It is one of those bands that makes every song good, and when you hear one of their songs, you just want to sing along with it.  Once you learn the song, you sing it with passion every time you hear it…unless your in class or at work…hell go in the bathroom, lock the door and sing it, thats how good these guys are.  Today, one of their songs came on and my brother, myself, and our friend Kevin broke out into the song, singing it till the end.  It is hard to find a band that will make you stop what your doing, just to listen to their song, when it comes on, and unfortunately their music isn’t played on local radio stations much but it needs to be!

Their style of music is also 100% original, they took a bit of hardcore and metal and mixed it into a softer version of hardcore, a little heavier than metal and sometimes softer than metal.  They also have extremely good slow songs such as “If It Means A Lot To You” which by the way I cannot wait to hear tomorrow night, I may even cry.  With songs like that, and their hard songs such as “Sticks and Bricks” off of their newest album “What Separates Me From You” I cannot compare ADTR to any other band our there.  Sure there are bands that scream like them, but don’t have their lyrical ways, and there are bands that have their lyrical ways but don’t play the same style of music.  Therefore, I’d have to say this band is 100% original.

Just an update, I am finishing this blog after the concert and GeeZuz!!! It was beyond amazing!  I heard some mixed reviews about their live performance, but forget what they say, this is 1 band you will have to see before you die.  So lets move onto a review on their live performance.  With most bands today, they go on stage, sing, get off, then leave you there without any hype, well…ADTR is a different story, they get the crowd going the entire time, and make this concert truly, A Day To Remember.  The entire time Jeremy was talking to the crowd in between songs, he even got into a big plastic bubbles and crowd surfed while in the bubble during Homesick. (I’ll post a link below with a video of it, it’s absolutely amazing) They sound really good live. (not the best live but still really good) They have a really good set list, a little bit of the heavy, a little bit of the soft and a little in between.  To finish this part off, all I have to say, if your a metal fan, or like ADTR, go see them live.  Just a little bit of info, they are playing at this years Warped Tour and headlining it, so that may be the perfect chance to see them live.

Next, I want to talk about lyrics. All of their albums have many songs with deep meaning, but the past 2 CD’s “Homesick” and “What Separates Me From You” is all about how deep we all get.  How deep our lives go, and how much we just want to let it all out.  Some songs talk about how we want to be an individual and how no one else should criticize other people about how they are, some songs talk about how we hate where we live, and how bad we want to get out, but ADTR takes it to a whole new level.  Whoever in the band wrote these songs, they let their heart out for every single song. “This town will be the Downfall of us All!”  that is 1 hell of an amazing line, and it describes a lot of us, another line very similar “I hate this town, it’s so washed up, and all my friends don’t give a f**k, they’ll tell me that it’s just bad luck, when will I find where I fit in” another line that describes a lot of us.  For those of you who live in a town like this and haven’t heard of this band, go listen to ADTR right now and let out some of that anger.  So enough about how much some towns suck, they also go into an emotional kind of deep with songs such as “If It Means A Lot To You” this song is about a musician who hates leaving home because of his loved ones.  Like I said earlier, I might cry when I hear this song live, and I was on the verge of tearing up because of the lyrics, and how much it reminds me of myself.  This band has deep, and meaningful lyrics  that show ways of life we don’t talk about much, and they found a way to do it through music.

Well you guys, that is my review on A Day To Remember.  Please, please, please, give me some feedback so I know what I can change in future reviews, and if you know of a band you’d like me to review, just put it in the comments.

This is Matt from the TOG Network, see you next time.


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