We’re Back!


Justin & John host an event.

Hey there!


I bet you weren’t expecting to hear from us ever again. For the past 6 years, This Ordinary Guy and all of TOGN, has been hibernating, waiting for the right time to strike. Maybe strike isn’t the right word… the point is we are back!


By this time next week, the first new episode of This Ordinary Guy will be streaming everywhere. Our website has also received a full makeover. Our goal was clean and fast. Let us know what you think by commenting on the new blog.


The idea of starting the podcast back up has been bounced around many, many, times throughout the past few years. Unfortunately, life always seemed to get in the way. However, for whatever reason, we just couldn’t shake the feelings we have towards the show. We frequently found ourselves re-listening to the old interviews, music, and even the blooper files.


Podcasting, as a media source, is much more accepted these days. We had to include a page on our old website explaining what a podcast is and how to listen to them. We were literally at the beginning of this media revolution and then we just stopped cold turkey. It’s time to pick this addiction back up and try to make good use of it.


As far as the content of the new episodes, we are going to talk about all the craziness going on in the world, chat with an interesting guest from time to time, and yes there will be tons of music. Each episode will be different from the last, and the show will evolve as it goes.


With that being said, enjoy the second season of This Ordinary Guy.


Justin & John

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