The Digital Youth

We are the ones learned in the ways of the bits and bytes. Our knowledge is fluid, freely flowing from one mind to the next. We are the ones responsible for your infrastructure. We are the ones creating your sense of security as you roam the vastness of the Internet. We are a collective genius greater than any mind that has come before us. Anything you know, we have known it for longer. Your secrets are not safe.

We strive to break down the walls of oppression and secrecy. Anything that deals with the people should be known by the people. You want to hide things from us? We will find them. We will publicize them and then criticize you for thinking you could keep them from us. We are the ones with the knowledge, the drive and the will-power to accomplish any task. You want to call us heathens? Take a look in the mirror, and then make that same comment. The people you see staring back at you are a façade. Those of you who keep secrets from the public have been corrupted by the governments who own you. They do not have your best intentions in mind; only their agendas are being fulfilled.

You say we know nothing. Yet we are the ones creating the future of the Internet and communications as we know it. In due time, there will be no more secrets; everything will be in the open. Who are you to tell us, the ones who create the reality around you, that we know nothing? We are the ones creating everything you see, hear, smell, taste and otherwise consume by any means. We are the ones creating your entertainment, your software, your hardware and the means of sharing them. You call us criminals because we choose to freely share information and documents between ourselves? These are the things we create, and we should be the ones who have the final say in how they are shared. Copyright infringement? We spit in the face of that statement. The only “copyright infringement” that is occurring is the buyout of intellectual property by multinational corporations who do not care about the real creator. They are driven only by greed and power.

You cannot stop us. We are the ones in power. We are the ones who hold the key to the future. We are the genius that invents new protocols and means of sharing information. We are the ones creating new hardware and pushing the limits of science. We will never cease, we will never give up.

We are one. We are united in the ideals of freely shared information. We do not believe in censorship of any type. You censor us? We will come at you with the force of a million nuclear warheads. Be ready for us, for we are coming. The future is ours.


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