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Hey guys, Matt aka Steady Hands here with all of the tech news you want to know.  I am new here at This Ordinary Guy but I have been with the creators since the beginning, and it wasn’t till today that I became an official member of This Ordinary Guy, but that’s enough about me lets get down to business.

Lately we have been seeing some crazy products being shown at events such as CES, and to be completely honest CES 2011 blew my mind away.  3D Cameras are being made for home use, monitors and TV’s that are literally almost paper thin, 3D handheld device (Nintendo 3DS), we have a computer that can beat the smartest people at a game show that tests human knowledge.  How much farther can we go is the main question a lot of us are asking ourselves, and I’m here today to discuss that with you today.

Thirty-Five years ago, they said we would have flying cars by today, this was inspired by the Jetsons cartoon primarily but we still don’t have that.  Instead the world focused on making our lives easier in all sorts of ways, getting out information easier and faster with an invention like the internet, having telecommunication in our pockets at all times, electronics replacing old items such as stoves and ovens, and now it’s just beyond crazy with what we have today.  How much more can we do, you ask?  Well according to some people we are just getting started with items such as TV’s, phones, video games, and the internet.  With LED just being released in the past 18 months, companies such as LG are already designing a TV known as “Super LED” which will use nearly 25% less power.  That may not seem like a big deal but it is.  To take a product that is nearly brand new that has the technology inside of it and to reduce the power it uses by a whole quarter, that is insane.  The new Xbox 360 Slim uses nearly the same amount of power the original Xbox 360 did back in 2005.  LG did something that other companies did not focus on and made it come out sooner than expected.  Some companies don’t even have a wide variety of LED TV’s yet, and LG has more than most other companies.

So we talked about power saving in a TV, but what else will change?  Well for you gamers your in for a treat because I have some inside news from John Carmack himself.  If you don’t know ID software and John Carmack ,they are a small gaming company that always shows the greatest graphics in a video game, no matter what, when they release a new game it will be the top of the line graphics.  John Carmack spoke at a conference and discussed what ID Softwares future is and it’s reputation for making games that have such great graphics.  He went on about a new technology they are looking into but it will not be used anytime soon, he also talked about how the future of graphics will be “beyond imagination”.  That is 1 line I will have to agree with him 100%, after seeing Battlefield 3 and it’s game play, how much more realistic can video games get?  Battlefield 3 looks like your in the Iraq war!  John Carmack put it in a way that it won’t look too realistic, but it also won’t look too fake.  On a side not, I am a huge gamer, and cannot wait for Battlefield 3…I guess I’ll have to start saving some money because this GTS 250 won’t cut it.

TV’s and computer graphics, what else can we do with technology?  Well lets talk about the last thing I want to talk about. I mentioned it very briefly before, and that is how a portion of new inventions is focused on making our lives easier.  When we talk about making our lives easier we don’t realize how easy our lives have become in the past 5 years.  That is because our lives have become easier with 1 simple device that has become a very complicated device for some of us…the phone.  Five years ago our phones were just becoming popular for “texting” now our phones have become a reliable resource for our everyday life.  We no longer have to wait to write an email, we can do it on our phone.  If you record your diet plan and record the intake of nutritions, guess what! Theres an app for that!  No more writing everything down and calculating.  Last but not least my personal favorite “just google it” you no longer have to go to a computer, just get a smart phone and go to google from your mobile device.  All of this in only 5 years, and there are 100’s of other examples.  It may not seem like a lot, but in reality we have come a long way in only 5 years, just imagine the 10 year scale…I won’t get into that, but just think about it.

So what is the future of technology?  To be quite honest, I don’t think anyone can really say, not even the corporate leaders of the technology business.  Sure they could give you a 1 or 2 year scale, but they couldn’t tell you what we will have in 5 or 10 years.  It’s because we progress so fast as humans.  Our ideas are no longer 100% original, but with combined ideas and a wide imagination, we will have something that we cannot predict today in a short future.

That’s all I have for you my tech friends, if you’d like to read my opinion on something tech or geeky, leave a comment below and I will respond, I may even write a whole blog on it.

-Matt at the TOG Network.


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