Dance Craze 1962

It’s not every day that we post something from the 60s on this site. Some of the genres of music we cover hadn’t even been created in 1962 when this film was released. While it’s cool to look back on dance moves like the twist and realize how much things have changed in music, I posted this video for a different reason. The band that performs throughout the film was called “The Millionaires” and my grandfather was a member. He is actually the guy on stage second from the right. Take a look below and experience a time when dub-step wasn’t mixed into every song in the clubs.

  • Grandpa
    Posted at 14:36h, 24 April Reply

    Grandma found this while she was trying to save the video to my favorites. We were both so moved that you posted it on your website..Thank you!!!

    • Justin
      Posted at 01:14h, 26 April Reply

      No problem at all! I’m glad you guys found it on here.

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