A Day To Remember is MTV’s Breakthrough Band of 2011!

The polls for Buzzworthy’s Fan-Favorite Breakthrough Band of the Year are now closed! With over 2.3 million votes, A Day To Remember (ADTR) took the win with nearly 40 percent of the total vote; followed by Big Time Rush with just over 37 percent. Some of you may be wondering, how in the world is A Day To Remember considered a “breakthrough” band? They’ve been touring the U.S. for nearly 5 years and are now on their 3rd full-length album released through Victory Records. However, it wasn’t until now, that ADTR reached more fans than ever before with their hit record “What Separates Me From You”, selling over 250,000 copies! One of their first singles off the new record, “All I Want”, was probably my favorite video of the year from any musician(s). They brought in artists from all over the world to record this video. If you haven’t had a chance, check that video out in the link below!

All I have to say now is congratulations Jeremy, Alex, Neil, Joshua, and Kevin. You guys are the perfect example of what hard work means and where it can take you in time.

Check out A Day To Remember on tour this winter with Rise Against!


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