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Like many great American success stories, This Ordinary Guy traces its roots back to a garage. Ok, maybe we aren’t on Apple’s level, but we really were podcasting out of a garage a few years ago. When we started, we actually spent more time explaining what a podcast is then recording.


Back then (2011) we would invite musicians and entrepreneurs into the “studio” to record. Our first episodes were recorded with an iPhone 3gs. That’s not a joke. These interviews often turned into late nights of trying new beers, listening to amazing music and forging friendships with other creatives. You can still listen to those episodes by clicking on The 62 link in the menu.


These days, the garage is a distant memory, we live in different parts of the country, but we feel that the evolution of This Ordinary Guy hasn’t finished playing out yet.


We would like to tell you exactly what the format will be, what we will talk about, who we will talk to, but we can’t. We really don’t know. This podcast is going to turn into whatever it’s supposed to be and we will just have fun along the way.


Join us.
Justin & John host an event.
The only picture we have of the original "studio"

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The 62

If you’re looking for the episodes that shaped This Ordinary Guy, you’ve come to the right place.